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Austin, Texas - United States


ECommerce Consulting & Marketing


As co-founder and managing partner of Redline Minds, I am a business builder. Our company Redline Minds helps startup and SMB businesses grow and develop an omni-channel strategy. We are innovators in eCommerce technology implementation, site design and user experience, analytics integration and analysis, marketing and merchandising strategy and online marketing. My background as an Online Marketing and E-Commerce Expert includes more than a fifteen years building, or reversing losing, online sales channels and marketing teams for a variety of start-up and SMB B2C enterprises. I have focused my career in sub-$100 million companies as enjoy working where the impact of my efforts is measurable and obvious. Skills: Ecommerce site design and development, process and systems development, content strategy & creation, Google Analytics, online advertising including Adwords, Bing pay-per-click (PPC), social media and retargeting; email marketing, social media, conversion rate optimization (CRO) & A/B testing, landing page optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate programs, merchandising, value chain analysis, product marketing, project management and team development.

I am good at

I build businesses; more specifically ecommerce, multi and omni-channel solutions for brands & retailers who wish to grow their B2C and B2SMB markets.

Skills and Expertise

Ecommerce strategy technology development process development and marketing